Interspecies Communication: Anna Breytenbach

anna_breytenbachLast week I participated in a 6-day Interspecies Communication and Intuitive Tracking workshop with Anna Breytenbach and Jon Young.

Interspecies communication is our birthright. We all have this ability. It’s completely natural. It’s called intuition. The trick is to develop this ability intentionally instead of it arising spontaneously.

To do this, we have to practice being present. To be present is to be fully aware with all senses alert yet relaxed. To have a quiet mind. A playful curiosity and childlike wonder. An open, compassionate heart. No judgment. No attachment to meaning. No fear. To be in a state of acceptance, love, trust, gentleness, calm. Pure being. A space of deep listening, a place of peace. In bird language, this is known as baseline.

When we slow our thinking down and focus on our breath, we become aware of our own inner state of being – where we contract, where we expand; when our minds are busy, when our minds are quiet. This process of inner tracking is an essential prerequisite for interspecies communication. Getting in touch with what lies within us, enables us to connect more deeply with what lies outside us.

Anna suggested the following practice for communicating with another being:

  • Relax your body
  • Turn your attention to mindful breathing
  • Set a personal intention for clear communication (then immediately let it go because you trust and know that it will be so)
  • Become aware of your breathing again
  • Open your heart and engage with the felt sense of your body
  • Visualize building a connection (a bridge, or thread) between you and the other being
  • Across the connection, send a greeting from your heart (don’t expect a greeting back)
  • Gently ask non-verbal, open-ended questions, such as: Show me who you are. Where are you now? Is there anything you would like to share with me?
  • Remember to say thank you, when you have finished.

Sometimes an animal or plant may not want to communicate, and that boundary needs to be respected. Sometimes the other being is in pain or suffering. In these circumstances, sympathy is not an appropriate response. Empathy and compassion (being in resonance) are appropriate, pity is not. Animals and plants want to be seen as they are, who they are right now in the moment, and not how we wish them to be. If we are filled with our own emotional responses of fear or sorrow, then the communication channels will be polluted.

How do we know that we are really communicating with another being? Animals and plants do not communicate in the same language as people. Theirs is a language older than words, a transference of energy faster than thought. Communication is received instantaneously, as subtle impressions of mental images, emotions, sounds, words, or physical sensations.

Anna describes this communication as a “quantum package” that arrives in our consciousness and is immediately interpreted, and often distorted, by our own limited human experience and associations. One technique to counter this is to use stream of consciousness writing, putting down all the images, thoughts and feelings that come to you during the communication, without censoring.  This keeps the thinking brain busy, so information can flow unhindered into your mind.

Interspecies communication is happening all the time. Whether we are aware of it or not, we are always in communication with the natural world. Quantum physics tells us that everything in the Universe is in dynamic relationship with everything else. Everything is interconnected. So connection is always happening, at every level of existence.

Animals and plants know this. Indigenous people know this. It’s time for the rest of us to wake up and remember this truth. To reconnect with our whole being. To restore harmony and balance to the natural world. To be the voice of the wild.

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6 Responses to Interspecies Communication: Anna Breytenbach

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  2. Lea Perry says:

    I am interested in learning more about Interspecies Communication. Is this something that has to be taught at a workshop or in person? I wondered if there was an online version or possibly on DVD. I would appreciate any information you could offer on it. After watching Anna with Spirit the leopard and reading your blog, I am more intrigued about learning how to communicate with other species. Thank you.

  3. Holly Jean says:

    Return to the natural state, into the One.

  4. Iwowarri James says:

    This is powerful. Very exciting. It is the walk of a matured Spirit who has learnt how to simply BE. I will get the DVD. Am really interested in this. Our attitude to animals in Africa, an abuse of another level of being, may be why the continent is still struggling with its life till date. Maybe finding ways to communicate with them and find what really has gone wrong will help Africa rediscover herself.

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